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New Scenery, Kits & Basing Materials

Winter Wonderland (winter set crafting kit) 08758

Conjure up your winter wonderland!
The NOCH winter set contains everything you need to build a wintry landscape.
With a spatula or brush, the silky shimmering snow paste can be easily applied to the landscape, house roofs, trees and vehicles. But it can also be modeled by hand, for example to create a snowman or a pile of snow.
Ice surfaces on lakes or on the street are represented with the NOCH ice crystal paste. This can be applied and modeled in the desired thickness with a spatula or bristle brush.
In order to design the winter landscape perfectly down to the last detail, roof overhangs are decorated with NOCH icicles. These can be attached to the model directly from the tube: Simply attach the tube from below and squeeze out the milky mass while pulling it away downwards. How to determine the length and thickness of the icicles. The icicles dry out crystal clear and hard.

120 ml Snow Paste
10 ml Ice Crystals
10 ml Icicles
1 spatula

Available This product is suitable for scale
1:22,5 1:35 1:43 (0) 1:45 1:50 1:72 1:87 (H0) 1:100 1:120 (TT) 1:144 1:160 1:200 1:220 (Z) 15 mm 1:225 28-32 mm
Model building item
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